Yoga for Your Cycling Fitness in Santa Monica

Yoga for Your Cycling Fitness in Santa Monica

What do yoga and cycling have to do with one another? At first glance not much, but some yoga techniques may be able to increase your cycling fitness in Santa Monica.

Yoga, as you may have heard from everyone you’ve ever come across, is incredibly good for your body and it some real, long-lasting, positive fitness and wellness effects. Yoga means different things to different people, but the common dominator everyone can agree on is that it is relaxing and stress-reducing.

Yoga Poses to Help Cycling Fitness in Santa Monica

  • Pigeon Pose – Stretches the piriformis muscle (one of the muscles that connect your femur to your hip) and rotators of the hip. Since cycling works out this muscle every time you pedal downwards, it’s important that you stretch it to the best of your ability.
  • Standing Forward Bend – Stretches the hamstring, a muscle that you may have pulled many times without the proper stretching.
  • Prone Spinal Twist – Flushes the organs and maintains flexibility and mobility of the spine.
  • Side Stretching – Relieves the back, increases circulation to the spine and nervous system, and stretches the muscles in between the ribs creating more space for the lungs to expand and breath more freely.

It’s not difficult to integrate some or all of these simple and effective poses into your post-cycling routine. They can rejuvenate your legs and keep your spine in optimal health for all those miles you still have in your tank. The younger you start using these poses, the better effect it will have on your body. But even if you have tens of thousands of miles under your belt, these yoga poses will still help you.

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