Top Road Bikes of 2016

Top Road Bikes of 2016

Road bikes provide you with the joys of cycling and exercise.

We’re witnessing a change in the way that bikes look and how they perform. Manufacturers realize that consumers don’t necessarily need the lightest, most aggressive designs and makes used by professional riders, and they’re constructing bicycles that are made to be versatile and user-friendly. For example, the racing world has resisted disc brakes. However, bike companies are keen on their advantages and are pushing to make them a standard. The modern designs are leaning towards stability and smarter tube shapes to increase comfort. Here are the top road bikes of 2016.

Top Road Bicycles According to

Fuji SL 1.5

Fuji makes quality bikes at half the cost of professional cycles. For less than 5k, you can get a bike that’s lighter than UCI standards (14.4 lbs.). The carbon race rig was balanced on the flats, explosive on steep hills, and stable on the most technical of descents.

Price: $4,740

Norco Tactic SL Disc Ultegra

This cruiser was the sleeper pick no one saw coming. The slightly shorter reach and taller headtube gives the rider a relaxed feel, though the tight chainstays still made for quick acceleration! It may not be the lightest bike in the world, but it’s ideal an everyday rider.

Price: $2,025 to $7,015

Scott Foil Premium

The second coming of the aerodynamic Scott Foil is harder, lighter, and slipperier than its predecessor. Apart from being faster and more efficient, the Scott Foil Premium has become comfier. The drivetrain is the smoothest we have ever tested, and the brakes on this bike outperform all competitors.

Price: $12,000

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