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The Must-Have Essentials of Camping & Hiking Adventures

The best way to enjoy your camping and hiking trips is to be prepared for any situation that may occur.

Packing the essential whenever you step in the backcountry, even on a simple hike, is a great habit to have. Sure, on a routine day trip you may only end up using one of them, but you’ll never appreciate the value of these items until you truly need them. Here are the top ten must-have essential for camping and hiking.

  1. Navigation: A map and a compass to guide you in case your phone’s battery dies, or it loses signal when you take a wrong turn.
  2. Sun protection: Sunglasses and sun block are indispensable. You’ll be needing extra-dark lenses if you’re thinking of travelling at high altitude or on snow and ice (snow reflects light really well). Sunblock is important as well at altitudes because there is less atmosphere to absorb the UV radiation from the sun.
  3. Illumination: In case the sun sets before you finish your trail, you’re going to need some illumination. The last thing you’ll want to do is step blindly onto uneven ground and break your ankle. By having a flashlight, you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re stepping and avoid any rocks or dips in the ground.
  4. First-aid supplies: Pre-assembled first-aid kits take the guesswork out of building your own kit, and many people personalize these kits to fit their own needs. Your kit should have treatments for blisters, adhesive bandages of all sizes, gauze pads, adhesive tape, disinfection spray, pain medication (Tylenol), and pen and paper.

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