How You Can Pick a Cycling Vacation in Malibu

How to Pick a Cycling Vacation in Malibu

For cyclists, choosing a cycling vacation in Malibu with a pristine bike route can be tough without the right know-how.

Those interested in cycling often find it hard to go anywhere without renting bicycles. Unfortunately, not every city was made for cyclists. The good news is that those interested in cycling and vacations will find a plethora of offerings in the marketplace. However, it may be hard to decipher and tell what kind of cycling holiday is preferred. There is ultimately no wrong choice as it’s all personal preference, but here are some options to consider when choosing a cycling vacation in Malibu.

Self-Guided Tours

These kinds of tours often include bookings, rental bikes, and basic maps. Travelers have the freedom to select their own dates, deviate from the tour itinerary, and travel only with whom they want. Service and support can be very limited as cyclists are usually on their own.

Group Tours

Significantly different than self-guided tours because you travel with a group and stick to a schedule, which is good if you are in love with your itinerary and want to get to know people. Group cycling tours have a limited number of set dates and lengths. While groups can vary in size, 15-20 is the Goldilocks Zone.

Personalized Tour

These tours share aspects from both self-guided tours and group tours. Personalized tours allow you to customize your dates, with whom you travel, the length of each stay, where you eat, and pretty much everything in your itinerary. You also have a high level of service available, but you are also free to ride with just your group.

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