Bicycle Road Trip in Malibu

What to Bring on Your Bicycle Road Trip in Malibu

Bicycle road trips are an experience everyone should try, but, what does one bring on a bike road trip in Malibu?

Road trips are meant to be an adventure. When you take a road trip driving a car, you’re able to pack nearly everything you want and then some. When you embark on a bicycle road trip, however, you are limited by how much your legs can cycle. Carry too much and you won’t get very far as your legs will tire quickly (or it will simply take you a long time); pack too little, and you’ll soon find yourself homeward bound because you’re out of necessary resources. Here are some things you should take on your next bicycle road trip in Malibu.

  1. Bag Balm
    This is a special gel that is made to soften the saddle and make chafing less of a problem (something you’ll be thankful for later down the road).
  2. Bright Colors
    Drivers are never actively looking out for cyclists nor respect their right to share the road. Wearing Brightly colored and reflective gear will make you much more visible.
  3. Rain Gear
    You’ll come to see that when you pack your rainwear, it never rains; when you forget to pack it with you, it’ll pour like no tomorrow. On the off chance the universe isn’t playing some trick on you, and it does rain, you’ll be glad you have it.
  4. Calories
    Exercising burns calories, and cycling works your legs– which happen to contain your biggest muscles. These muscles require a lot of energy to keep going, so packing caloric food is important. Carbohydrate-rich foods like cereal bars, fresh bread, cheese, etc. provide you with the sugars you need to keep your muscles going.
  5. Flat Tire Repair Kit
    Flat tires will happen; it’s best that you are prepared to deal with them quickly to minimize damage to your bike and to get you back on the road.

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